Women's pro golf tour defends trans athlete ban, emphasizes need for 'competitive fairness' in women's sports

One of the headlines this week was that the NXXT pro golf tour banned transgender athletes for competitive fairness.

As a former tennis player who played at the University of Southern California, I commend NXXT for taking the position of not allowing transgender people to compete in women’s sports. I played plenty of tennis with one of the first transgender athletes, Rene Richards, who was my eye doctor and assisted in my eye operation at an early age. While I respect people’s decision to change their gender, there is no changing of chromosomes, giving a male to a woman. This provides a transgender male with an unfair advantage when competing in women’s sports.

Look at the case of Riley Gaines, a top women’s swimming star who competed against a transgender person and was completely outmatched. This was and is an unfair competition, and it’s like giving her competitor an unfair lead over the competition. I call for a ban in all sports where transgender individuals use their inherent “man” advantage to win in sports. This is, without a doubt, a cheat.

Riley Gaines is right to continue to fight for women’s fairness and women’s rights, which seem to be all that is abandoned by the left who for years was so strident in their efforts on behalf of women, now only to be abandoned.

I support and commend NXXT for taking the correct measures and banning transgender individuals from competing on the golf circuit.


By: Jeff Bermant, CEO of TUSK

Link to FOX News article.