As the battle for Free Speech rages on, TUSK is leading the charge to overcome Big Tech Tyrants and has unveiled its latest innovation, GIPPR AI, a modified AI chatbot technology that promotes conservative values and free-speech advocacy that aligns with patriots and independent thinkers’ point of view.

GIPPR AI provide users with a safe space to express their views and challenge the liberal status quo with fact-based arguments. Don’t believe us? Try the GIPPR and witness the power of a censorship free chatbot!”

Although the name is a nod to a much-loved president with Conservative values, GIPPR AI is not affiliated with any person, rather it is an artificial intelligence program designed with machine learning and natural language processing technologies to think, respond, and act based on conservative values and beliefs.

Free speech is a fundamental right for everyone and essential to a healthy democracy. Since independent thinkers are subject to oppressive cancel culture that now includes AI and are expected to exist in a society that tells them what to think and how to act by the progressive left, it’s time for a TRUTHFUL AI chatbot to allow all Conservatives to enjoy the benefits of AI, without fear of being cancelled or shamed for your beliefs.

Access to GIPPR AI is now available for all users free of charge in the TUSK Browser app and also on the TUSK Search website at . No account or registration is required.

Gippr AI home screen in TUSK Browser app