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Who owns TUSK?
The TUSK Browser is made by Virtual World Computing, LLC, an independent, privately held company with Jeff Bermant as Founder and majority investor. An American History Major at University of Southern Cal, Jeff is proud of America and dedicated to promoting free speech and fighting censorship and cancel culture.
What is TUSK?

TUSK is a Web browser app for your mobile device or computer that features an anti-censorship news feed. Built by an all-American company with the goal of promote the idea that America is indeed the land of the Free and Brave as illustrated by the pictures you see in the background. 

How is TUSK different from other browsers?
Other browsers may offer similar security features to those of TUSK, however TUSK, the first of its kind, is focused on defending and supporting free speech on the Web. We are fighting the censorship found in search results and news feeds by giving you new ways to access the Internet. Learn more about our News Feed below. In addition, you’ll find convenience features like the favorites of popular conservative news outlets on each new tab, and an easy way to remove all browsing history, and cookies with just one tap.
Is TUSK free?

Yes, the TUSK app with all its features and services are completely free to use. No registration or account needed. Simply download the TUSK Browser for iOS, macOS or Windows to get started.  

How do I download TUSK?

To get the TUSK Browser app, visit our download section for links to the iOS or macOS version in the App Store, or for the Windows version in the Microsoft Store.

Do I need to create an account to use TUSK?

No. Respecting your privacy is a core belief of ours, so we don’t require any information from you to use TUSK. Simply download the TUSK Browser for iOS, macOS or Windows to get started, no log-in or email is required.

Does TUSK collect or sell personal user data?

No. We don’t get to see the sites you visit, what you type in the browser, or your downloads. This type of data is either stored locally on your device, or encrypted. Some browsers monitor users, create profiles, and sell your data for profit. Not us, not ever! Only the sites you visit can see you. We use SSL or HTTPS, when available, to protect your browser from being seen by others including your IP provider.

How does TUSK make money?

Currently TUSK is ad-free. However, in the future, we will make money from ads, such as in the news feed and sponsored images.

What is the TUSK News Feed?

To promote free speech and un-censor the stories that get buried, the News Feed built into TUSK shows only articles from media outlets you trust. Our news features popular media organizations like Fox News, The Daily Wire, OANN, Newsmax and Epoch Times, that are pre-selected for our Conservative users.  However the News Feed is easily customizable to show only the sites you want to see in your feed.  

To help you be the first to discover breaking news and stay ahead of the trends, our real-time news platform predicts the stories that will matter in the hours ahead, thus giving you the clarity and insight that no other news feed can. 

What is the built-in search engine?

Coming soon, the default search engine will be our own TUSK Search.

Until TUSK Search is ready, Yahoo is the default search engine. You may change the default at any time.

Can I change the default search engine?

Yes, at any time, you are free to choose from several popular search engines, including Google if that is what you prefer. We don’t censor anyone. 

Does TUSK support third-party extensions?

Yes, for macOS and Windows versions of TUSK.  

Because TUSK is built using the Chromium web browser project, extensions available in the Chrome Web Store can also be installed in TUSK. In some instances, extensions built for the Chrome browser will behave differently when installed in TUSK, but for the most part your favorite Chrome extensions will work just fine in TUSK. 

Since TUSK is built using Chromium, does that mean it is the same as Chrome?

No. Since both TUSK and Chrome are built using the open-source Chromium project, they may have some visual similarities. However, much work has gone into developing TUSK to be very different from Chrome, especially to prevent Google and anyone else from tracking, profiling, or following you online.

Can Google see what you are looking at on TUSK?


However, if you are using Google search, you can be sure they collect your information and build a profile on you. The best way to avoid this is to use a search engine that you can trust.

Have More Questions?

Have More Questions?