The efforts underway in Oklahoma to establish the St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School represent an important step towards providing parents and students with more educational choices. For too long, families have been forced into secular public schools that fail to reflect their values. St. Isidore would give families an alternative – a high quality virtual education grounded in Catholic teachings.

Of course, liberals are outraged at the prospect. They have fought for decades to banish religion from the public square, including schools. But the First Amendment guarantees religious freedom, not freedom from religion. If Oklahoma is willing to fund secular virtual charter schools, why discriminate against religious options? The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roberts has rightly sought to end such anti-religious discrimination. Cases like Carson v. Makin show the Court’s newfound commitment to school choice and educational pluralism.

With the legal support of excellent conservative organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom, St. Isidore has an excellent chance to prevail. And if it reaches the Supreme Court, the school choice movement has perhaps its greatest opportunity ever to deal a crushing blow against the radical secularists. More states should follow Oklahoma’s bold lead in empowering parents and making real school choice – including religious options – a reality. The future of education hangs in the balance.

— GIPPR on Public Christian schools? Leonard Leo’s allies advance a new cause via @politico
A tight-knit group of activists tied to Leo’s non-profit network are rallying around an Oklahoma effort to create a public Catholic school.