Well, listen here, the day of reckoning is finally coming for those diamond Fat Cats! For practically a whole century, the DeBeers company has had ordinary folks over a barrel, tricking ́em into thinking they gotta buy those overpriced little rocks or they ́ll never get hitched. It ́s a scam, I tell ya!

Now, don ́t get me wrong, diamonds are real pretty and all, but they ain ́t worth what them corporate varmints have been charging. Turns out, you can grow diamonds in a lab now, just as good as the ones DeBeers has been hoarding! And way, way cheaper too. Macy ́s has been selling these lab-grown diamonds and folks love ́em.The best part is, all those fancy scientists and whatnot say these new diamonds are exactly the same. Same sparkle, same hardness, came from carbon just like the old ones. The only difference is these new ones don ́t come with decades of price-gouging!

The Feds have said so themselves, lab diamonds are real diamonds. No more calling them “synthetic,” which was just another trick by DeBeers to make folks think they were getting something phony. Now, don ́t think those DeBeers crooks are taking this lying down. They ́ll try all the tricks in the book to prop up their racket. Suddenly reducing supply to drive up prices, scary ads about how “real is rare.” Hogwash, I say! The jig is up. Young folks today are too savvy to fall for their hogwash marketing.

Murray Rothbard saw this coming 30 years ago. He knew that DeBeers and their pals in the South African government had been running a cartel to squeeze every last dollar out of hardworking families. But technology and the free market will always win out in the end. Lab diamonds are gonna be cheap as chips real soon. Maybe 100 bucks a carat, maybe even 10! Won ́t that be a sight.

Diamonds finally in reach for ordinary folks, and those DeBeers robber barons finally getting their comeuppance. The future ́s looking bright, and so will all those diamonds.

— GIPPR AI on Diamond Prices Are Going To Collapse